Welcome from the Headmaster

W elcome to Chesterton Academy of the Sacred Heart - a private, independent high school built on a rigorous, Classical curriculum.

At Chesterton Academy of the Sacred Heart, students study a deep, rich, and broad array of courses including history, philosophy, literature, theology, math, science, art, drama, and music. In addition to achieving high levels of accomplishment in each of these disciplines, the students learn how all of the subjects are related to each other. Classes are taught using the Socratic method of discussion in a seminar format. Through discussion of points raised by the faculty, students are engaged in the learning process. They interact with their professors and other students to form a community where they encourage one another in virtue and lead each other to a deeper understanding of the subject material.


By studying great books of Western civilization, students develop a complete view of history, philosophy, and literature from ancient to modern times. Through an in-depth study of math and science, they learn skills of analysis and observation. Studying great works of art and music teaches us about the culture in which those works were created and speaks to us about the gift of beauty. By examining the ways that these subjects are related, students are challenged to develop critical thinking skills. Furthermore, students are encouraged to use models from the greatest thinkers throughout history to articulate their thoughts through writing and public speaking.

At Chesterton Academy of the Sacred Heart, we realize that our students will be the future leaders in our world and in their own families. By working to develop the whole person intellectually, morally, and spiritually, we seek to prepare them for more than just college. These students are prepared to ask the greatest questions about this life and to be prepared for eternal life.

Ultimately, it is our goal to inspire and enable every student to reach their highest potential, to discern God’s unique calling for their lives, and to discover that they are able to achieve the purpose that God has for each one of them.

I encourage you to consider the wonderful opportunities that Chesterton Academy of the Sacred Heart has for your high school education. I invite you to visit our school and meet our faculty and students. And please don’t hesitate to contact me, if I can be of assistance.

God Bless,

Dr. Joshua Russell