Mathematics is the art of measuring. Science is the study of what can be measured. While math is woven together with the sciences, it is also connected to the humanities. It teaches logic, which is a basic philosophical principle. It teaches honesty, which is a basic moral principle. It teaches balance, which is a basic aesthetic principle. Math skills are developed to help students think clearly.

At Chesterton Academy, there is a two-track system, since not all students come into the school at the same level. Some start with advanced algebra, and others proceed immediately to geometry.


Science is the study of the physical world, that is, of God’s creation. None of these subjects can be approached without a sense of wonder. It is fitting, therefore, to begin by looking up at the heavens, at the lights in the sky: Astronomy. Then we take a look at the world God created (Geology), the creatures he created (Biology), and the intricate substances of which all things are made (Chemistry). We come full circle in the “luminous mysteries” by studying Physics, which includes looking at the nature of light itself. As Chesterton says, “All depends on what is the philosophy of light.”

Foreign Language

The study of a foreign language is required of all students for three years. All students are required to take two years of Latin and then go on to choose Latin III or Spanish. Because students may have already studied a foreign language before they arrive at the school we try, as much as possible, to place them in the correct level right from the start regardless of their grade.